Who We Are

Who we are

Cube NGO is an Institute of Support and Studies on Entrepreneurship, Social Development and Social Cohesion, based in Thessaloniki. Our main goal, is to support Entrepreneurship and Creativity actions in order to integrate and involve both Vulnerable Social Groups and Sectors that require our Support. 

In a Framework of Respect, Co-development and Inclusion, Cube develops studies, research, training, and strategic actions in order to create a different reality on subject areas such as Anthropocentric Entrepreneurship, Social Policy, Social Cohesion, and Social Inclusion.

Our target groups include women and youth from vulnerable social groups, whom we approach with respect and in a spirit of meaningful synergy.
We place particular emphasis on sectors such as creative industries, the circular economy, the social and green economy, and sustainable development.
Cube was founded by individuals with volunteer experience in these fields, who are truly dedicated to their development.
Let’s collaborate to build a more inclusive society and advance cultural development.


Our goal

Our main goal is the study, research and training on Entrepreneurship, Social Policy, Social Cohesion and Social Inclusion.