Transnational Training | PAL Enroll Project

🌟 🫶 We are thrilled that the non-profit organization Cube had the privilege of participating in the recent transnational meeting of the PAL Enroll project, held in Italy.

🎯 During this productive meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss the project’s progress and finalize the timeline for its completion. The host organization, W20, organized an outdoor meeting, providing a platform to discuss and evaluate the Pal registration manual and its modules.

🫶 As Cube, we take great pride in contributing to this excellent initiative, reaffirming our strong commitment to creating new educational opportunities for the Roma community.

🤳 If you wish to learn more about the innovative educational project, PAL Enroll Project, you can explore its Facebook page at

Let’s join forces and create a positive impact on the lives of Roma children, striving to build a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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