Special workshop of dancers in Lisdon!

🤔 Are you currently in Lisbon or planning a trip there?
🔺 If so, Theatre Academy in Portugal provides you a unique opportunity to attend a special workshop of dancers 💃 called NOT YOUR MAMA’s AEROBICS, which is organised under Theatre In Palm project.
🔹 Hosted by JA INTERNATIONAL THEATRE, this session will be taught by a dancer and choreographer Martina Kosta Diankova. The session aims to strengthen and promote deep recovery of the body through a yoga practice 🧘 that focuses on body awareness and is specifically designed for professional dancers and performing artists who use movement in their work. 🧘

🔸 For more information about the masterclasses and workshops, please visit the following pages: https://theatreinpalm.turkuamk.fi/…/ja-festival-tip…/ https://fest2023.jait.pt/ja-academy/

🎭 We invite you to join us in Theatre Palm project and let’s support together emerging artists and help them shine on an international stage!

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