Online Premiere Event for the Our Stage Project!

Join us for the Online Premiere Event for the Our Stage Project!

Get ready for the Online Premiere of our captivating stage play, “CHANGE THROUGH THEATRE”!  
This remarkable production is the fruit of our European program, OUR STAGE. 

Cube Nonprofit is honored to be a part of this initiative aimed at fostering a more inclusive society and working environment for Romani youth artists and travelers. Through this project, they are provided with opportunities to hone their skills, collaborate with non-Roma artists from diverse backgrounds, and together, create a play that celebrates Romani life, history, journey, customs, and traditions. 

Join us as we showcase the collaborative spirit between Roma and non-Roma individuals, emphasizing the power of positive narratives, overcoming obstacles, and embracing Roma identity. 

Don’t miss this unforgettable experience! Click the link below to join the premiere: 

We can’t wait to have you with us! Let’s celebrate the enchantment of theatre together!

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