“European Theatre LAB Vol 2”

🎉CUBE is organizing the second European Theatre Lab in the framework of the  Theatre in Palm project.
The European Theatre Lab entitled “SCREAM” will be conducted 📅 20th and 21st  of February 2023 and will take place 📍in Municipality Theatre of Epanomi.
The workshop will start 🕚at 11:00 a.m to 15:00 p.m both days.

👉The “Scream” is a theatrical methodology created by Dionisis Zafiridis. The method of “Scream” is based on the biggest problem that drama teachers face all the time . Making the young people that are trying to get involved with acting to loosen up and free themselves from themselves. 
Τhe “SCREAM” method is based on the teaching of Karolos Koun that says that theatre is reality “We don’t pretend when we act , we are .” 
👉This method drives the actors into a path of getting out of themselves leaving the pure being of them ready to embrace and be a character.
The method approaches the Scream as a form of 📍communication, 📍expressing emotions, 📍relief and as a tool that can help us manage our inner understanding .🔸🔸The workshop uses exercises that build trust , create a safe space in our mind , gives freedom of expression and guides us in a proper use of our body

🔴The European Theatre Lab is powered by ΦΙΞ in art and especially by Mr. Dionisis Zafiridis who has remarkable career in the Theatre Sector.

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