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How long can you wait for a project to be completed? When did the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro acquire a mythological, anecdotal and symbolic character, affecting the collective psyche of the city? How do we perceive public space and its constant reconfiguration? How is the condition of waiting established in a city and why is a group of young people forced to leave it?

The Thessaloniki metro, the most long-awaited project to be delivered, the city project that is constantly postponed, is a subject that has never been presented in the form of a theatrical performance. It triggers a series of issues such as mobility, mass transport, public space, our relationship with the city, the expectation of development and the dreams of young people for their city.  
The Theatre Movement “ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ ΕΚΤΕΛΟΥΝΤΑΙ ΕΡΓΑ” or in English “ATTENTION WORKS IN PROGRESS” combines the personal with the collective, humour with emotion, individual thoughts with social issues.

Τhe Theatre Movement will take place on 27th of March in Melina Merkouri Theatre (7, Metamorfoseos street, 55132, Kalamaria). The Theatre Movement starts at 21:00! 

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